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Showcase Your
Business 24/7

With a website, your new and current customers can learn more about your business, whether it's 3pm or 3am.

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Local Texas Web Design

Getting a website designed and developed is the same as hiring an employee that works 24/7. Anybody is able to learn about your business during and after business hours, and can be turned into customers.

Current Projects

BxC Roofing (Tyler, Texas)

Legacy Outfitters and Guides (Longview, Texas)

Excel Heavy Duty Truck Parts (Longview, Texas)

Testimonials From
Previous Clients

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"Jaime was so easy to work with and was extremely responsive and helpful with his suggestions. He had a great vision and plan, and executed both to create a beautiful and functional website!"

-Emmie Drueckhammer
Spring Hill Teacher

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"Great guy to work with. He’s very professional and has an awesome heart for people. Highly recommend!

-Michael Olson

5-Day Turnaround

Within 5 business days that the proposal is signed, I can have your website up and running. You have a business to run, so the last thing on your mind should be waiting weeks or months for your website to be built.


Webpage demo for a school non-profit organization.
Webpage demo for a content strategy business.
Webpage demo for a musician.


Webpage demo for a dietitian.
Webpage demo for an oil and gas company.
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Free of Stress

No need to worry about sitemapping, wireframing, CSS, HTML, and other weird stuff when you can just share your business goals with me and I can take care of the development.

The Website

Step 1 | Plan

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The first step is to learn about your business and what goals you want to accomplish through your website. This is the most important step, because this guides the next two steps.

Step 2 | Proposal

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I will send a proposal of everything I'm going to do on the project and once it's accepted along with 50% of the deposit, we can begin to start on the project.

Step 3 | Design

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This includes creating the wireframe and the visual aspects of the website, which means we'll map out what information we want to add and how we want the website to look visually.

Step 4 | Develop

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This is where the visual elements are transported into code, and begin to have functionality on the web. The website is finally being put together and will soon be tested for any mistakes that might have occurred.

Step 5 | Payment

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The rest of the payment is paid, which leads us to the final step of your new website.

Step 6 | Publish

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The final step is to publish the website and make it live! This is where anyone can intereact with the content, and can reach out to you for more information on your business.

ready to start showcasing your business to your current and new customers?

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